Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Spreading The Love: Azulado

Our etsy friend Sandra from azulado has recently lost her husband to cancer. He was forty-years-old. In the last almost year we have been following her husband's conditions taking part in the Europeans street team which is organizing now a raffle to collect money for her and her little son.

Sandra and her husband were self employed restorers of antique Portuguese traditional tiles, called azulejos where their country, Portugal, is famous for. In the last eight months the family had no income, being he very ill and her taking care of him. You can learn more about Sandra, the raffle and buy a ticket for only 5$ here. There are more than 50 prizes to be won. You may want also to visit her shop which is her only income for the time being and buy some of her beautiful ceramic creations. 


  1. Antonia, I would love to feature her jewelry on my blog or website. Maybe you could ask her to get in touch with me via email. If we all promote something I know we will be successful. Anyway, I really like her pieces so much! What a wonderful thing you guys are doing. Sending love from Houston....

    1. Dear Marsha, that's great news! Thank you! We will write to her right away and tell her to get in contact with you! Thank you again, sending you love too!
      Antonia and Fabio

  2. What a tragedy!
    The raffle is such a wonderful initiative to show support in Sandra's time of need.
    I've made a compilation of the raffle prizes so far if anyone would like to see them all together:

    1. Thank you, we will take a look at it certainly!


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