Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shrubs and Grass in Black and White

We recently made a long walk in the Roman countryside. Nature is so beautiful and special there, with slender and tall pines, the hay, the fragrances, the variety of herbs and dried plants. At the end of summer, you only need to observe the shapes and lines of nature and you will discover incredible beauty. We have always been particularly attracted by the architectural line, that mystery which pours into the artistic composition. We have always been fascinated by the simplicity of Zen, the pure shape that communicates so much with its authentic beauty and ingenuity. So we have decided to turn our passion for Zen in a series of botanical art photographic prints in black and white, minimalist, pure and simple, suitable to decorate an elegant contemporary home.

More photo prints from this series you can find in our store

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Autumn Flowers and Old Books

Last week in a warm morning we bought from the Flower market in Rome gorgeous autumn flowers. Colorful dahlias in bright and dark red, pink, blue berries. We added also some pink roses that we had dried during the spring. We had an inspiration and combined the flowers with some antique books from our collection. They have a real vintage look and are written in rare Cyrillic letters.It is interesting to know that the graphical representation of those letters are non longer in use due to the orthographic reform of the Bulgarian alphabet in 1945. We named this series Autumn Flowers & Books, inspired by the warmness of the autumn colors and the authentic patina of the old books. 

More photos from this series are available in our store     

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