Thursday, May 3, 2012

Amaryllis In Black and Red

Red Amaryllis 1 © A.F.Duealberi

We've started listing some of our latest Amaryllis watercolors in Duealberi shop. This series is created in black, red and purple, and is inspired by the Eastern Ink Wash painting. We actually used watercolor and original oil soot ink stick. As we already mentioned in another post here, according to zen, to paint a flower you don't need to perfectly reproduce or imitate its petals, it is more important to interpret and transmit its fragrance and character.

Black Amaryllis © A.F.Duealberi

Red Amaryllis 2 © A.F.Duealberi


  1. Amazing!!! I love it!!
    My fhubby practicing with watercolors now!
    I know how fun it is!)

    1. Thank you, Velanch, it is, actually, very fun!

  2. Molto molto belli questi acquarelli...adoro in particolar modo quelli con un tocco di rosso!

    1. Grazie tante, Ilenia, ci fa molto piacere! Many thanks, glad to hear that you like them!


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