Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Home Decor Ideas

We love browsing vintage shops for fresh ideas for home decor. This is what we found today. Fantastic vintage gilded golden shabby chic Victorian picture frames and a wooden cedar basket. Take a look at our inspiration board! Aren't they amazing? 

1. Vintage Gilded Golden Shabby Chic Victorian Picture Frame by Rebecca Price 
2. Wooden Cedar Basket by Rig+Twig
3. Antique Wooden Gold Ornate Carved Frame by Beatrice In Blue
4. Vintage Ornate Frame Gilded Gold Oval Floral Frame by The Squirrel Cottage


  1. Yes, they are! Nothing is more wonderful than worn old wood. Many thanks for the feature!
    ~ Joanne from rig + twig

  2. Really inspiring finds! Thanks for featuring my oval frame.

  3. Love the simple empty frames, great idea


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