Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Red Roses and Artists Dates

Tuesday is the Flower market day! The market is a place of inspiration, the place for the weekly "artist date". The "artist date" is a meeting with your inner artist, with your inner child. It is the time dedicated to you solely, the time that you need in order to recharge your creative batteries.

This is what we usually do during our "artist dates":
- go for a walk in the park
- visit the flower market 
- visit a museum or an exhibition
- visit an artist's supply shop
- visit a fabric store
- go to a book store 
- planting and gardening 
- go to the Botanical garden
- get in contact with nature
- go for a bike ride
- do Tai Chi 
- do painting 
- watch a movie
- go shopping 
- go to a garden or DIY store 
- go to the flee market

 As Julia Cameron says, "playing is absolutely necessary". 

How do you play? How do you meet your inner child? Where do you go? Make a list of ten artist dates. Make it today! Make it before Christmas!


  1. So inspiring! indeed! thank you for sharing!

  2. thank you! Wishing Happy Holidays to both of you!

  3. beautiful... hope you had an amazing Christmas


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