Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Favorite Artist: Francesca Lancisi

Francesca Lancisi lives and creates in Florence, Italy. She says she is fascinated by colours and the infinite variations and emotional correspondences they generate. She loves simple, archetipical shapes. In this series of works she used ink together with watercolour, and created abstract patterns. The Maps can evoke the marks left by the movement of natural elements, like the flight of birds, the swing of leaves, the falling of rain, the blowing of the wind, the flowing of rivers.

We noticed Francesca’s shop on etsy immediately. We were attracted by the decisive architectural lines of her works, by the force of her ink, by the shapes and colors that speak of streams and rivers, of obvious and hidden truth. Her paintings carry an incredible force: the simplicity and mystery of life, in their authenticity and richness of expression, in their flowing energy and playfulness that touch the viewer’s heart immediately. Her watercolors speak of a person who dares, and is not afraid to experiment.

Maps. Payne’s Grey. N°6 by Francesca Lancisi

Sand N.6 by Francesca Lancisi

Maps. Payne’s Grey. N°7 by Francesca Lancisi

Find more Francesca’s work in her shop.


  1. Thank you so much Due Alberi!
    It's a pleasure to be featured in your wonderful blog!

  2. Dear Francesca, the pleasure is ours! Your work is beautiful :)

  3. Ciao Antonia e Fabio,

    complimenti - mi piace tanto il Vs. blog e lavoro!




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