Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Favorite Artists: Paulina, Her Roses and Gardens

We have decided to write about other artists that we like. Inspired by flowers, we would like to start with the Polish artist Paulina Sadowska. After graduating from Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw she became a painter and a book illustrator. 

Hydrangea with Roses, author: Paulina

Her art impressed us with the soft, bright and sophisticated colors, the dynamism and energy that is visible in her works… Richness of colors and shapes... everything is in continuous movement on her canvas, dreamy roses and hydrangeas, flying petals and violets..

Rose and Garden, author Paulina

She describes her own style as impressionist but she says that she loves experimenting with many styles - realism, abstraction, expressionism. Light pink, lilac, pale green ... her paintings are full of light, poetry, and fragrances of various flowers, roses, orchids, and violets. Visit her astonishing gallery here and enjoy her marvelous works. 


  1. These are beautiful.
    The light and colours are so dreamy....

  2. yes, she is a great painter :)


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