Monday, July 4, 2011

All is about Inspiration

Botticelli Camellia MIO AMORE

I am inspired when I feel like a little girl of five. I hold in my hand the cotton candy that my beloved bought for me at the fair. It's huge and white, we eat it quickly with a smile. We both feel inspired admiring Calder's mobiles. We imagine how much joy he felt while manipulating the wires and connecting the hanging objects. What else? Calligraphy inspires us. We like to unleash the brush on the intact sheet and follow its movement. To see what will happen after several minutes of silence. We are inspired by the flowers, colors, shapes, patterns of various types. By the jasmine in the garden, it is so fragrant. By the purple round eggplant. The Roman pines. Their trunks have strange and curvilinear forms.

Today we are very happy to share with you all that OUR CAMELLIA has been included in the Enzie’s treasury list In the Land of Grey and Pink. Thanks a lot and happy 4th July!


  1. thank you Enzie,your work is beatiful too, I like very mcuh the Bashi Bozouk!


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