We are Antonia and Fabio Duealberi, two Italian fine art photographers and artists. We create floral art prints and original paintings  for home decor and interiors. In our art works, we explore the borders between photography and painting. Each piece of artwork captures the living act of nature in its splendor and in the beauty of its inevitable transformation. 

We work with flowers and plants arranging every time unique and unrepeatable nature compositions. Antonia specialized in Floral Design, Fabio graduated in Architecture from University in Rome Italy, both photographers, have come together and create unpredictable floral art influenced by different disciplines. 

DUEALBERI works evoke the opulence and exuberance of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art. They are modern interpretations of the ancient  mural paintings and wall decorations that you can admire in Italy. You will see the beauty of what surrounds us, of what nature has to offer. Shrubs, waving grass, curling twigs, different kinds of trees and plants, translucent orchids, fading roses. Patina, rust, textures, shades of yellow, pink and red. Our art is bright, colorful, uplifting, and meditative. 

We have appeared on: Designlike, Studio G, Flowerona, Stylish Home, Daily Dream Decor, Handmade Mode, Artsy Shark, Lovely Clusters. 

Our works are held in private collections throughout the United States, Canada, Italy, France, Greece, Germany, Brasil, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and Australia.

We enjoy writing about art, interior design, home decor, colors, flowers, zen, creativity.

You can find us on our sitetwitter, facebook.

We are also on houzz, pinterest and tumblr.

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