Friday, December 21, 2012

Close Up: Canvas Tree Prints - Nuove Stampe Artistiche Su Tela

Duealberi Minimalist Scandinavian Tree Art

Hello, dear friends, we hope that you are already preparing your house for Christmas. We have done lots of work in the past days and we've printed our new black and red tree series on canvas! We were really astonished by the beautiful contrast of the red and black on the textured bright white canvas. We believe they look gorgeous and much prettier than on normal paper, and make it an original and wonderful gift. They look clean and trendy, but elegant at the same time. The canvas art prints come rolled in a tube so you can decide if you wish to frame them or to stretch the canvas.

Duealberi Tree detail

So we did some pictures of them, look at the lovely texture of the canvas. It is a high quality Epson Production canvas 320 gsm, the same we use of the black and white series. You can find both series in our etsy shop.

Tree Art Texture Detail

Another texture Detail

Duealberi Minimalist Tree Print Series

Dear friends, please tell us, what do you prefer as a gift or for your wall at home, canvas or paper?We will be glad to hear your opinion.

Ciao, cari amici, state sicuramente preparando la vostra casa per le festività natalizie. Noi abbiamo

fatto un sacco di lavoro nei giorni scorsi ed abbiamo stampato la nostra nuova serie di stampe di alberi in nero e rosso su tela! Siamo rimasti meravigliati dal bellissimo contrasto ed effetto a tessitura che producono i colori rosso e nero sulla tela di color bianco brillante. A noi personalmente piace molto la stampa su tela, crediamo che sia molto più bella della stampa carta normale, rendendolo un fantastico e originale regalo. Le stampe artistiche sono di un aspetto minimalista, alla moda, ma devo dire elegante al tempo stesso. Le stampe su tela vengono spedite arrotolate in un tubo, in modo che la tela si possano facilmente incorniciare oppure intelaiare.

Qui vedrete alcune foto che abbiamo scattato, sperando che si possa percepire la bellissima trama della tela che è un Epson Production canvas 320 gsm di ottima qualità, la stessa che usiamo per la serie in bianco e nero. Potete trovare entrambe le serie nel nostro negozio Etsy.

Cari amici, diteci, cosa regalereste a un vostro amico, un semplice poster di carta oppure un tela artistica? Ci fa piacere tantissimo sentire il vostro parere.


  1. Oh this is a hard question. I got mesmerized seeing the beauty of your close ups, the texture is really beautiful and feels.. natural. On the other hand I always had a big love for paper. I couldn't tell, but if I were to chose, I would chose the art presented first and then think about the material. I think for dreamy pinkish art I would choose paper but for something more profound, more .. zen, I would choose canvas.

    1. Thank you so much, dear Miss B, for your suggestions!

  2. tricky ... i think maybe canvas might be easier, only because it would mean no framing but paper is gorgeous too... if you need a vote, i'll say canvas!

    x happy new year!

    1. Yes, canvas doesn't necessarily need framing, you can simply stretch it :) Thank you, Debbie, for sharing your opinion! Happy Holidays!


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