Friday, May 11, 2012

Duealberi in the Upscale Boutique Vintage Infused

Autunno ©  A.F. Duealberi 
We are very proud and happy to announce that we have been invited to work with Vintage Infused, a new upscale hybrid Boutique that launches today on May 11, 2012. Duealberi studio is happy to participate with 13x19" hand signed museum-quality fine art prints of our best selling photographs. They are printed onto a Hahnemuhle fine art heavyweight paper. Each print captures the living act of nature in its splendor and in the beauty of its inevitable transformation. DUEALBERI works evoke the opulence and exuberance of the Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art. They are joyful modern interpretations of the ancient frescoed mural paintings and wall decorations that you can admire in Italy. You will see the elegance and beauty of what surrounds us, of what nature has to offer. Shrubs, waving grass, curling twigs, different kinds of trees and plants, translucent orchids, fading roses. Patina, rust, textures, shades of yellow, pink and red. 

Vintage Infused owner Vanessa Harris brings to her new venture fifteen years of spa industry management. Vanessa has opened and managed four 4-diamond Resort Hotel Spas, and a private luxury Italian Boutique Spa. In 2009 Vanessa signed on with Hilton Worldwide as the Opening Spa Director/Acting Spa Director with the brand new Hilton Orlando Convention and Resort Hotel. In 2006 she joined Hotel Galvez, in Galveston, Texas, a Wyndham Historic Property as the Opening Spa Director/Acting Spa Director. Vanessa consulted and managed the pre-opening of the multi-million dollar Tuscan Boutique Spa, Fiori, with the Horlock Company in Houston, Texas, as the Director of Development and Acting Spa Director. Among the luxury and destination spa’s she has opened, she’s accredited with the execution, launch and management of the 4-Star Trellis Spa at The Houstonian Hotel, Club and Spa in Houston Texas. 

In her upscale Boutique Vintage Infused Vanessa has selected some of the most sought organic spa items and gifts, home & garden decor, antique & vintage ironstone china, and hand created items. We personally fell in love with the antique English blue/white china and the organic spa must haves. Vanessa has invited us to join the independent artists that have impressed her with their hand created products.


  1. Hello from Texas, I am Vanessa's mother, Marsha Harris. I love your artwork and one day soon I will feature your work only on my blog. I think Vanessa has told you I have a large worldwide readership and only focus on luxury. Your work is simply beautiful, and among all my interior designer friends I know it will be well received. I look forward to knowing you well. Sending a big Texas hug to my favorite place on Earth...Italy.

  2. Thank you, Marsha, for your words! Your blog is fantastic and we will be delighted! As we said to Vanessa, we have a good feeling with Texan quality lifestyle. We are looking to knowing you well, too. Sending our warm regards!
    Antonia and Fabio


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